24 Apr 2018,
  • HSI:
    30,636.24 381.84 (1.26%)
    12,244.88 244.72 (2.04%)
    39,806.62 462.51 (1.18%)
    246.59 -0.17 (-0.07%)
  • HSCEI:
    12,244.88 244.72 (2.04%)
    4,492.61 87.23 (1.98%)
    10,928.95 197.31 (1.84%)
    19,134.22 354.63 (1.89%)
  • Hang Seng Index
  • 30,636.24

  • 381.84 (1.26%)
HSCI 12,244.9 244.7
HKSPLC25 39,806.6 462.5
HKSPGEM 246.6 -0.2
HSCEI 12,244.9 244.7
HSCCI 4,492.6 87.2
HSFML25 10,929.0 197.3
H-FIN 19,134.2 354.6
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SMI Culture & Travel Group Holdings Limited (02366.HK)





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SMI Culture & Travel Group Holdings Limited (HKSE: HK 2366) was established in 2004. It is mainly engaged in investments in the production and distribution of films, investments in the production and distribution of television dramas, creation, production and distribution of new media contents, production and distribution of online and film advertisements and agency operation for film directors, scriptwriters and artists.

SMI Culture & Travel is a renowned player in the film, culture and entertainment industry in the Greater China region. It invested in and produced a number of award-winning and globally acclaimed masterpieces which recorded outstanding box office revenue.

In August 2013, the principal business of SMI Culture & Travel was developing rapidly upon the introduction of a new major shareholder, SMI Holdings Group Ltd. (HKSE: HK 0198), which is a famous China-based investor and operator of cinemas commanding a number of Cinemas and abundant market operation resources.

In light of China’s booming culture and media industry and its bright market prospect, SMI Culture & Travel will seize the opportunities and ride on its edge of diverse resources to intensify the investments in film projects, with a view to achieving creative breakthroughs and value realization in the era of mobile Internet, thus maximizing investment returns for shareholders.
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Mr. WU Chien-Chiang (Chairman) - Executive Director

Mr. Wu was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 11 September 2013 and has been re-designated as an Executive Director and the Chairman of the Board with effect from 28 July 2017.

Mr. Wu has experience of operating media and entertainment business in Taiwan for more than 30 years. He holds offices and positions in the following companies: (i) a director and the general manager of Era Communications Co., Limited; (ii) the chairman and the general manager of Satellite Entertainment Communication Co., Limited; (iii) the chairman and the general manager of Goldsun Communications Co., Limited; (iv) the general manager of Media-Chain International Marketing Co., Limited; (v) the chairman of Era Integrated Marketing Co., Limited; and (vi) the publisher of Trend Media & Publication Limited.

Mr. KONG Dalu - Executive Director

Mr. Kong was appointed as an Executive Director of the Company on 7 July 2014.

Mr. Kong has approximately 20 years’ working experience and extensive knowledge in the field of banking, corporate finance and investment in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Mr. Kong obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics (major in International Finance) at Wuhan University in the PRC in 1994. Mr. Kong was a foreign exchange manager and foreign exchange trader in the international business department in the headquarter of Hua Xia Bank Co., Limited from 1994 to 1997. From 1997 to 2007, Mr. Kong also served at senior management level respectively at China Minsheng Bank Corp., Ltd. and Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Mr. Kong has acted as a director of Xince (Hong Kong) Investment Development Co. Limited, being an equity investment company incorporated in Hong Kong, since 2007. During the period from 2008 to 2011, Mr. Kong also acted as a director of Haitong Securities Company Limited (Shanghai Stock Code: 600837), being a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Ms. YAO Qinyi - Executive Director

Ms. Yao was appointed as an Executive Director of the Company on 24 November 2016.

Ms. Yao graduated from Xi’an Shiyou University with a bachelor degree in the department of Electronic Information Engineering in 2004. She joined Mei Ah Entertainment Group Limited in 2008, and acted as the deputy general manager of Meiya Huatianxia Film Distribution Company Limited, the deputy general manager of Mei Ah Film & TV Culture Limited and the deputy general manager of Mei Ah Theatre Management Limited from 2009 to 2015. Since 2016 to the present, she has been the vice president of SMI Culture & Travel Group Holdings Limited; the legal representative, director and general manager of Stellar Mega Films Company Limited; the legal representative, executive director and general manager of Beijing Xingmei Entertainment Distribution Company Limited; and the legal representative of Beijing Xingmei Culture Agency Company Limited.

Mr. RAO Yong - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Rao was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 20 January 2017.

Mr. Rao graduated from Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, with a diploma of business finance in June 1980. He also obtained a master degree of economic management from Party School of Guangdong Province. Mr. Rao is a certified public accountant and an auditor in the PRC. Mr. Rao worked as a fiscal commissioner at Guangxi Wuzhou Finance Bureau from June 1908 to May 1984. During the period from June 1984 to December 1990, he served as a section chief at Guangxi Wuzhou Auditing Bureau. From December 1990 to September 1997, he was a director of the division at Shenzhen Auditing Bureau. During the period from September 1993 to September 1997, he held a concurrent post as the head of Shenzhen Auditing Firm. He joined Shenzhen Pengcheng Accounting Firm as the general manager and the partner in September 1997 and left in August 2012. From August 2012 to present, Mr. Rao worked as the managing partner and the head of Guangdong office of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants. He served as a president of Shenzhen Institute of Certified Public Accountants from December 2005 to September 2010 and the vice president of Guangdong Institute of Certified Public Accountants during November 2009 to May 2014, respectively. Mr. Rao was appointed as a member of the Fifth People’s Congress of Shenzhen City in May 2010 and a member of the Sixth People’s Congress of Shenzhen City and a member of the project budget committee of People’s Congress Standing Committee of Shenzhen City in May 2010, respectively.

Mr. LIU Xianbo - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Liu was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 27 August 2013.

Mr. Liu holds a law degree from Jiangxi University and is a graduate of Southwest University of Political Science & Law in civil and commercial law in the PRC. Mr. Liu has been practicing law in the PRC for more than 20 years, specializing in finance, real estate, economics, contracts, civil dispute, liquidation and bankruptcy, criminal defence. He currently works at China Commercial Law Co. in the PRC.

Mr. ZHAO Xuebo - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Zhao was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 28 July 2017.

Mr. Zhao is currently a professor and a graduate tutor of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication and a part-time tutor of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Communication University of China. Mr. Zhao graduated from Shanxi University and obtained a bachelor degree in philosophy in 1986. He then obtained a master degree in law and a doctoral degree in literature from Communication University of China in 1998 and 2006 respectively. Mr. Zhao has over 30 years of experience in administrative and business management. From 2006 to 2010, he was the director of the dean office and the director of propaganda department of the party committee of Nanguang College, Communication University of China, as well as the deputy director of the Cultural and Creative Industrial Park Administrative Committee of Communication University of China. From 2016 to present, he is also the general manager of Beijing CUC Elite Education Co. Ltd.

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The Company is committed to upholding a high standard of corporate governance to safeguard the interests of the Company and its shareholders as a whole. The Company has established a corporate governance structure in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code (the “CG Code”) as set out in Appendix 14 to the Listing Rules. 
Directors’ Securities Transactions
The Company has adopted the Model Code for Securities Transactions by Directors of Listed Issuers as set out in Appendix 10 to the Listing Rules as its own code of conduct regarding securities transactions by the Directors. At the same time, the Company has also adopted the Model Code for Securities Transactions as guidelines for relevant employees in respect of their dealings in the securities of the Company.
Corporate Governance Function
The Board is also responsible for performing the corporate governance duties as required under the CG Code. The roles and functions of the Board in respect of corporate governance function are set out in code provision D.1.3 of the CG Code. 


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Listed Date 30 Jun 2004

Address 40th Floor, Sunlight Tower, 248 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 3521-6800

Facsimile (852) 3544-2408

Email info@smi2366.com

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