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Orient Victory Travel Group Company Limited (00265.HK)

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Orient Victory, founded in 1999, whose chairman is also the vice president of China Real Estate Association, has developed into an international conglomerate active in six segments of residential communities building, urban commercial complex development, well-being & elderly care, eco-agriculture, tourism & vacation, capital operation, and operating the O2O life service platform.

October 2014, Orient Victory China Holdings Ltd. was officially listed on Hong Kong Exchanges market, stock code.HK00265. March 2015, Orient Victory was honored with the "2015 China Real Estate Top 100 Enterprises"; April 2015, Orient Victory China Holdings Ltd. acquired 49% equity interest in China Comfort Travel (CCT) Group; May 2015, Orient Victory acquired partial equity interest in the retail store company of Guoda 36524; June 2015, Orient Victory was rated AAA credit in the Chinese Real Estate industry.

Orient Victory Group, with “Orient Victory, Perfectly Encompassing the Great Chinese Dream” as its core value, is ambitiously building itself into “the leader of new wonderful city life” in Hebei Province with the spirit of “To be Ambitious, Initiative and Wise”. The Group wishes to become not only a distinguished company, but also the vindicator and promoter in the field of ecology and environmental protection and for urban public causes. Orient Victory will, by virtue of various services, build “the city for the whole life” for urban residents, create diversified life styles, make city life more harmonious, healthier and colorful, and help realize the dream of beautiful China.

The Best Resource & Industry Integration System in China

Orient Victory, coexisting with cities and focusing on sustainable development, respects the nature and environment and pays close attention to the future of China. The group gathers renowned brands of China and other countries on the basis of upstream and downstream chain of core developed urban projects and the three major strategic platforms (urban construction and operation, service platform and ecological cultural industry), to build the best resource & industry integration system in China!

The group integrates the six business units of housing development, urban commercial complex development and operation, establishment of elderly care and well-being systems, green and organic agriculture, tourism & vacation and capital operation system through the O2O life service platform to realize the dream of well habitation and build a full value chain.

Residential Communities

Orient Victory Group commits itself to build “the city for the whole life” for citizens and provides 5+2>100 life style with the new concepts of “quality education, livable elderly care, green ecologyand healthy residential environment”.

Orient Victory Group innovated a residential community development mode integrating “elderly care, education and park” functions, which will be copied during future business expansion.

Urban Commercial Complex

Orient Victory Group, focusing on experience commerce integrating E-commerce in the terms of “business pattern, services, environment, interaction”, builds its core competitiveness with the concepts of “exploring markets in depth, positioning itself accurately and building the most innovative commerce complex development & operation management platform”. It built an E-commerce integrated regional shopping center, a large leisure, recreation and shopping theme park and an open cultural and leisure complex, “the Three Carriages” for the group’s commercial real estate business, at favorable locations in cities in light of their market characteristics.

  ◎Open cultural and leisure complex--Orient Victory Happy World

  ◎E-commerce integrated regional shopping center--Orient Victory Plaza

  ◎Large leisure, recreation and shopping theme park--Orient Victory One World Plaza

Well-being & Elderly Care

Orient Victory’s well-being & elderly care business develops the multi-generation kinship-embedded elderly care mode with home-based, community-based and organizations providing elderly care as the core, and combines quality ecological resources, high-quality services and mobile intelligent medical technologies, setting trends for well-being & elderly care of Chinese style.


Orient Victory Group is developing stereoscopic agriculture combining recreation and sightseeing, green ecology and production demonstration.

Agricultural production and operation takes sightseeing and ecological functions into consideration to speed up upgrade of regional agricultural industry, increase income of local farmers, optimize agricultural circulating system, improve ecological environment, offer safe and nuisanceless fruits, vegetables and grains to urban residents, and build a perfect model for modern eco-agriculture.

Tourism & Vacation

Orient Victory Group, leveraging the suburban tourism resources, builds a tourism & vacation mode integrating theme park, sightseeing agriculture, cultural landscape and experience for urban residents to relax and delight themselves.

Capital Operation

Orient Victory Group conducts capital operation business through building capital market investment and financing platforms.

The group, by integrating internal and external resources, launches funds, trust and other financial products to offer micro individual loan, money management and other financial services.

O2O Life Service Platform

O2O life service platform aims at meeting more families’ demand for quality life with great resources. Quality and cost-effective living resources are selected through strict integrity control system and the advantage of scale. Modern information technologies are leveraged to enable the members to offer caring, on-demand, made-to-order, environment friendly and healthy one-stop lifetime life services covering property management, leisure, travel, health, real estate, social contact, money matters, green foods and other fields to urban families enjoying life through websites, applications and stores, to help more urban households have access to selected life services across the whole city while staying at home and realize their dreams of quality, natural and elegant life.
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Mr. Law Wang Chak Waltery (羅宏澤) - Independent Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Law Wang Chak Waltery (羅宏澤), aged 51, was the chief financial officer and non-executive Director of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited, a company listed on the Stock Exchange (stock code: 2689) from June 2004 to October 2008 and from August 2008 to October 2008, respectively. Mr Law also served in different key roles such as chief financial officer and vice president of the financial department in four other Hong Kong listed companies for over 12 years. Prior to that, Mr. Law had worked in the audit division of Coopers & Lybrand, now PricewaterhouseCoopers, for more than 5 years. Mr. Law is a fellow member of both the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Law is also an associated member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Mr. Law has over 27 years of experience in financial audit, financial due diligence reviews, merger and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, accounting and corporate financing. Mr. Law graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of London with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991 and a master's degree in financial economics in 1995.

Mr. He Qi(何琦) - Independent Non-Executive Directors

Mr. He Qi(何琦), aged 58, has been an independent non-executive Director of China Merchants Land Limited, a company listed on the Stock Exchange (stock code: 978), since 2013. He has also been an independent non-executive Director of Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited, a company listed on the Stock Exchange (stock code: 3333), since 2009. Mr. He has been serving as the deputy secretary of the China Real Estate Association since 2006.

Mr. Dong Xiaojie (東小傑) - Independent Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Dong Xiaojie (東小傑), aged 52, graduated from the Hebei Normal University, majoring in mathematics, in 1984. He is currently a director of Shengyuan Investment Risk Consulting Management Co., Limited.

Mr. Li Yankuan (李彥寬) - Non-Executive Director

Mr. Li Yankuan (李彥寬), aged 41, graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Hebei Engineering and Technical College in 1996, majoring in Building Decoration Engineering. He received his Intermediate Professional Title in 2007. Mr. Li served in different positions in Shijiazhuang Orient Victory Investment Group Limited* 石家莊市東勝投資集團有限公司 (“Orient Victory Group”), a company controlled by Mr. Shi Baodong, the chairman of the Company, including cost control manager, deputy general manager of its project company, general manager of its subsidiary and vice president. He has enormous theoretical knowledge of and practical experience in real estate operation and management, and is an expert in the field of cost control, project management, planning and design, etc. He is currently an executive president of Orient Victory Group, in charge of its daily operations.

Ms. Xu Yongmei (許永梅) - Executive Directors

Ms. Xu Yongmei (許永梅), aged 42, will be appointed as an executive director of the Company. Ms. Xu graduated from the Hebei Radio and TV University, majoring in financial accounting, in 1996. She completed a course in private equity investment and listed companies advanced research in the School of Continuing Education of Peking University in 2012. Ms. Xu is a qualified accountant in the PRC. She is currently a vice president in Shijiazhuang Orient Victory Investment Group Limited# (石家莊市東勝投資集團有限公司).She also has working experience as finance manager and financial controller in the property development industry.

Mr. Wang Jianhua (王建華) - Executive Directors

Mr. Wang Jianhua (王建華), aged 51, holds a master's degree in business administration from the Pacific States University and is a qualified accountant in the PRC. He is currently working in Shijiazhuang Orient Victory Investment Group Limited# (石家莊市東勝投資集團有限公司) and has working experience in the finance and investment field in the PRC.

Mr. Shi Baodong (石保棟) - Chairman and Executive Director

Mr. Shi Baodong (石保棟), aged 45. Mr. Shi graduated from the Hebei University of Architecture in 1989. He has over 15 years of experience in property development and he is a qualified engineer in the PRC. Mr. Shi is the director of Orient Victory Group HK Holdings Limited (東勝集團香港控股公司) and the founder, shareholder and chairman of Shijiazhuang Orient Victory Investment Group Limited# (石家莊市東勝投資集團有限公司), which is principally engaged in property development, including the development of residential properties, commercial properties, properties and ancillary facilities for the elderly, as well as an ecological park and a cultural park in the PRC.

Mr. Shi is the vice chairman of the China Real Estate Industry Association and a consultant of its Special Committee for China Urban Development, Special Committee for Elderly Residential Area and Special Committee for China Small Town Development. Mr. Shi is the standing vice president of Hebei Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and director of its Ecological Industry Committee. At the same time, he is the vice president of Shijiazhuang General Chamber of Commerce and a member of the 11th Hebei Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Audit Committee

Law Wang Chak Waltery (羅宏澤), Chairman
Li Yankuan (李彥寬)
He Qi (何琦)

Remuneration Committee

Dong Xiaojie (東小傑), Chairman
Shi Baodong (石保棟)
Law Wang Chak Waltery (羅宏澤)

Nomination Committee

Shi Baodong (石保棟), Chairman
He Qi (何琦)
Law Wang Chak Waltery (羅宏澤)



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Listed Date 04 Sep 2014

Address Room 2603, Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 3590-6280

Facsimile (852) 3590-6290

Email ovchina@sjzdsjt.com

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