09 Mar 2021,
  • HSI:
    28,773.23 232.40 (0.81%)
    11,154.90 -137.32 (-1.22%)
    43,823.92 -1,036.07 (-2.31%)
    146.34 -3.91 (-2.60%)
  • HSCEI:
    11,041.85 27.06 (0.25%)
    4,029.23 -47.93 (-1.18%)
    10,072.88 -130.49 (-1.28%)
    17,013.11 126.63 (0.75%)
HSCI 11,154.9 -137.3
HKSPLC25 43,823.9 -1,036.1
HKSPGEM 146.3 -3.9
HSCEI 11,041.9 27.1
HSCCI 4,029.2 -47.9
HSFML25 10,072.9 -130.5
H-FIN 17,013.1 126.6
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Global Sweeteners Holdings Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”) are principally engaged in the R&D, production and sale of corn refined products and corn sweeteners,categorised into upstream and downstream products. The Group’s upstream products include corn starch, gluten meal, corn oil and corn refined products. Corn starch is then refined to produce various corn sweeteners which are classified into two categories:corn syrup (glucose syrup, maltose syrup and high fructose corn syrup) and corn syrup solid (crystallised glucose and maltodextrin)...
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Mr. Zhang Zihua - Executive Director

Mr. Zhang Zihua is the executive Director, acting Chairman and authorised representative of the Group. Mr. Zhang is the chairman of Jilin Province Modern Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd.. Mr. Zhang has held a number of positions in various state-owned enterprises in Jilin Province’s agricultural sector, including the general manager of Jiliang Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd., general manager of asset management department of Jilin Province Investment Group Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Jilin Economic Cooperation Development Investment Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Jilin Rice Co., Ltd.. Mr. Zhang attained a Master’s degree in business management from School of Management Jilin University in 2005.

Mr. Fong Wai Ho - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Fong Wai Ho is an independent non-executive Director. Mr. Fong obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration (honours) in accountancy and management information systems from the City University of Hong Kong in November 2004. Mr. Fong has over 14 years of experience in the field of auditing and business consulting, he is the founder and practitioner of UBC & Co., Certified Public Accountants and the practising director of Andes Glacier CPA Limited. Mr. Fong obtained his qualification from Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 2010 and is a practising Certified Public Accountant in Hong Kong, a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Mr. Lo Kwing Yu - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Lo Kwing Yu is a solicitor and has been in private practice in Hong Kong since 1995. Mr. Lo holds a Bachelor's degree in law and economics from the University of Keele, United Kingdom. He was first admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales and then admitted as solicitor of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong. Mr. Lo is a consultant of Messrs. Y. T. Chan & Co, and has over 18 years of experience in legal services. Mr. Lo was appointed as an independent non-executive Director in March 2014.

Mr. Wen Gang -

Mr. Wen Gang is the general manager of the Group’s Shanghai production site. Mr. Wen graduated from Jilin Grain College in 1996, and is now attending a course for the Master’s degree in Business Administration organised by Jilin University. He joined the Group in August 1999 and served as the general manager of certain subsidiaries of the Group and GBT. He has extensive experience in corn refinery and sweeteners industries. Since February 2014, Mr. Wen had been transferred to be general manager of the Group’s Shanghai production site.

Mr. Meng Xiangyan -

Mr. Meng Xiangyan is the vice general manager of the Group’s Changchun production site. He joined the Group in February 2005 and has extensive experience in production engineering as well as corn refinery and sweeteners industries. Mr. Meng was appointed as the vice general manager of the Group’s Changchun production site in December 2017.

Mr. Wang Guicheng -

Mr. Wang Guicheng graduated from the Jilin Grain High College for Professional Training, specialising in grain storage and analysis. He joined the GBT Group in 1997 and has been engaging in management of production technology. He has been the general manager of Xinglongshan production site of the GBT Group since 2015. Mr. Wang was the general manager of Dehui production site of the GBT Group from July 2016 to March 2017. Mr. Wang was appointed as deputy general manager of the Group’s production and operation department in March 2017 and was subsequently appointed as the chief operating officer of the Group in December 2018.

Mr. Fan Yeran - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Fan Yeran is a legal consultant of Jilin Daxin Law Firm. Mr. Fan graduated from Northeast Electric Power University in 2016, majoring in electrical engineering. He passed the National Judicial Examination in 2017. Mr. Fan has been been working in the legal field since 2016, with expertise in corporate legal advisory, investments and mergers and acquisitions.


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Listed Date 20 Sep 2007

Address Suites 2202-4, 22nd Floor, Tower 6, the Gateway, 9 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2866 0186

Facsimile (852) 2866 0990

Email contact@global-sweeteners.com

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