16 May 2021,
  • HSI:
    28,231.04 217.23 (0.78%)
    10,508.76 77.21 (0.74%)
    41,632.17 447.98 (1.09%)
    100.08 -4.05 (-3.89%)
  • HSCEI:
    10,506.00 74.45 (0.71%)
    4,076.94 -37.17 (-0.90%)
    9,425.85 16.69 (0.18%)
    16,377.71 -105.98 (-0.64%)
HSCI 10,508.8 77.2
HKSPLC25 41,632.2 448.0
HKSPGEM 100.1 -4.1
HSCEI 10,506.0 74.5
HSCCI 4,076.9 -37.2
HSFML25 9,425.9 16.7
H-FIN 16,377.7 -106.0
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Greenway Mining Group Limited (02133.HK)

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Established in 2009, China Polymetallic Mining Limited (hereinafter referred to as “CPM”)
is a Pure Mining Company which conducts exploration, mining and processing of non-ferrous metals, such as lead, zinc and silver, as its major business. Thanks to the leadership of the Board and the management team, the Shizishan lead-zinc-silver mine, CPM's core asset, succeeded in launching its commercial production within 18 months and then CPM became a non-ferrous metals Pure Mining Company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Currently, CPM has all its operated mines in Yunnan Province. Its cornerstone asset, the Shizishan lead-zinc-silver mine has successfully achieved its full mining capacity by the end of 2012, and its Dakuangshan lead-zinc-silver mine has also ramped-up to full capacity since September 2013. The exploration, development and project construction are operated in full swing at its five other mines...
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Mr. DONG Tao - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Dong Tao (董濤), aged 43, is a Chinese Certified Public Accountant and Chinese Certified Tax Agent. He holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Shandong Economic University (now known as Shandong University of Finance and Economics) and a master degree in business administration from Asia International Open University (Macau) (now known as City University of Macau). He worked as the chief financial officer of Shenzhen Heungkong Holding Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600162.SH) from 2008 to 2011, and as the general manager of financial management centre in Maoye International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 848.HK) from 2011 to 2013. Since 2014, he worked at 廣 州 廣 電 房 地 產 開 發 集 團 股 份 有 限 公 司 (Guangzhou Guangdian Property Development Group Shares Co., Ltd.), and served as the assistant general manager and general manager of financial management centre and his current position is deputy general manager,responsible for the financial works. Mr. Dong has extensive experience and knowledge in financial operations.

Mr. CHI Hongji - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. CHI Hongji, aged 65, retired, held various positions including geological officer, person in charge of projects, division director engineer and chief engineer in No. 1 Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Shandong Province from 1980 to 2005. Mr. Chi graduated from the Department of Geology of Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (中南礦冶學院) (currently known as Central South University) in 1979, and was accredited as a mineral reserves appraiser by the Ministry of Personnel of the People’s Republic of China (中華人民共和國人事部) and the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China in 2002. Mr. Chi has extensive experience and knowledge in geological exploration.

Mr. MA Shirong - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. MA Shirong, aged 65, retired, served as the Vice President of CITIC Dameng Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 1091) and the chief financial officer of CITIC Dameng Mining Co., Limited ( ‘‘CITIC Dameng Mining ’’) from November 2006 to May 2013 and was responsible for overseeing the financial operations of CITIC Dameng Mining. Prior to joining CITIC Dameng Mining, Mr. Ma had taken up management positions in a number of companies including airlines and bank. Mr. Ma worked at Shanghai Airline from December 1986 to August 1996 and had taken up various managerial positions, including the deputy general manager of the sales department and the assistant general manager in charge of business, planning and developments, aircraft purchasing and financing, information system and development. He had also taken up various managerial positions in the Bank of China, Shanghai Branch from August 1996 to November 2006 including acting as the director of the corporate business department, the director of the trustee business department and the director and general manager of financial institutions department. Mr. Ma holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree (EMBA) from China Europe International  Business  School  and  has  extensive  experience  and  knowledge in economics and finance.

Mr. ZHANG Yonghua - Non-Executive Director

Mr. Zhang Yonghua, aged 54, was appointed as a Non-Executive Director on 18 October 2017. He is a director of GPS Joint Venture Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Group. Mr. Zhang graduated from Sichuan Radio & Television University (四川廣播電視大學) in 1988. He has been the lawyer of Elite Law Firm (四川英特信律師事務所) (formerly known as Sichuan Joint Law Firm (四川聯合律師事務所))since 1996. He was granted the Chinese Lawyers Qualification Certificate (中國律師資格證書) in 1989 and has been in legal practice in various law firms in Sichuan province, China since 1989. Mr. Zhang has been a practicing lawyer in China for over 27 years.

Mr. CHAN Suk Ching - Non-Executive Director

Mr. CHAN Suk Ching, aged 40, is a director of GPS Joint Venture Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Group. He is also the legal counsel of CITIC Dameng Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1091) and a consultant in TKC Lawyers. From February 2005 to February 2006, he worked as legal counsel in Inner Mongolia Qing Hua Group (內蒙古慶華集團). Since February 2006, he worked as a consultant or partner in various law firms in Hong Kong. He holds a Master Degree in Laws from Renmin University of China in 2004. Mr. Chan has over 13 years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, regulatory and commercial work in mining and mineral sectors.

Dr. YIN Bo (Chairman) - Non-Executive Director

Dr. YIN Bo, aged 55, is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and executive director of CITIC Dameng Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1091) and director of its several subsidiaries. He was an executive Director and chairman of the Company from 19 August 2015 and 25 August 2015 to 18 September 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics from Shandong Industrial College (now known as Shandong University) in 1982 and a Master Degree in Business Administration from University of Hull in 1997. He also obtained a PhD in Law in Shandong University in 2002. He has held various positions in Shandong Provincial Government and his last position was a Deputy Director of general office of Shandong Provincial Government of the PRC (中國山東省人民政府辦公廳). Mr. Yin has extensive experience in management.

Mr. LEI Dejun - Executive Director

Mr. LEI Dejun, aged 39, has been the Chief Operating Officer of the Group since April 2012 and was an executive Director from 18 September 2015 to 9 May 2016. Mr. Lei is responsible for the overall production and development of polymetallic projects and the monitoring of the development of Dakuangshan project and he participated in parts of management of the Shizishan Mine project since September 2013. Mr. Lei was appointed as the president of Dehong Yinrun Mining Group Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Company, subsequently in April 2015 where he was fully responsible for daily operation and management of each of the Group’s mining entities. Mr. Lei graduated with an associate degree from Kunming Metallurgy College in 1998.

Mr. Lei has about 18 years of experience in the production management and operation of mines. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Lei worked as a technician, deputy director and director of the production department and supervising engineer of the factory at Huize Lead-Zinc Mine and Qujing Company of Yunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co., Ltd. (雲南馳宏鋅鍺股份有限公司) from July 1998 to March 2012 where he was responsible for factory production, cost management, human resources, technique and equipment management. During that tenure, he led a number of mining and metallurgical projects and obtained several domestic invention patents and utility model patents.

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Audit Committee

MA Shirong (Chairman)
MIU Edward Kwok Chi
CHAN Suk Ching

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

CHI Hongji(Chairman)
MA Shirong
MIU Edward Kwok Chi
LEE Kenneth Jue

Strategy Committee

LEE Kenneth Jue (Chairman)
CHAN Suk Ching
LEI Dejun


Safety, Health and Environment Committee

LEI Dejun (Chairman)
MIU Edward Kwok Chi
CHI Hongji

Memorandum and Articles of Association
Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director of the Company
List of Directors and Their Roles and Functions


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Listed Date 14 Dec 2011

Address Room 2509, 25/F,
Tower One Lippo Centre,
No. 89 Queensway, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2180-7577

Facsimile (852) 2180-7580

Email cpm@chinapolymetallic.com

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