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Sino Oil and Gas Holdings Ltd. (00702.HK)

Oil Equipment & Services




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Sino Oil And Gas Holdings Limited (00702.HK) was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 2000 and became one of the constituent stocks of Morgan Stanley SME Index since 2009.

As its core strategy, Sino Oil And Gas Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“The Group”) develops its oil and gas business across the globe. From 2007, The Group has successfully operated a number of oil and gas projects in China and foreign countries. The Group has accumulated solid oil and gas business operation experience and continuously strengthens the management and expert teams. In the meantime, the Group proactively introduced operators and investors with extensive experience in energy sector to the team.

At the current stage, the Group is principally engaged in natural gas and oil exploration and extraction with a focus on unconventional gas -- Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”). The Group also conditionally and strategically extends its business to midstream and downstream. Its key investment area includes eastern edge of Ordos Basin and Qinshui basin which are the most representative CBM production bases in China. The Group aims to become a leading Hong Kong listed independent unconventional natural gas producer in the future.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Orion Energy International Inc. (“Orion”), the Group entered into a production sharing contract (“PSC”) in 2010 with China National Petroleum Corporation (“PetroChina”) for the exploration, exploitation and production of coalbed methane (“CBM”) in the Sanjiao block located in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. The Group shares a 70% interest in the PSC. Sanjiao CBM Project is one of the key development projects in “12th Five-Year Plan” released by National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”)....
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Chairman and Executive Director since September 2011, Chief Executive Officer Since September 2020. in charge of the overall affairs of the Group
Responsible for the Group’s human resources management (including human resources planning, personnel deployment, remuneration scheme and staff training), capital operation (including financing, investment and merger and acquisition of projects) and technology management (including introduction and application of technology)
PhD in Econometrics by the School of Economics, Jilin University, PRC
Experienced in the M & A and corporate restructuring of companies in the PRC
Worked in China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the Co-founder of China Securities Journal published by Xinhua News Agency


Non-Executive Director since September 2020
Served as Exective Director and CEO of the Company
Worked in governmental bodies and SOE in PRC
Former Deputy Chief of Mechanical and Electrical Products Import and Export Office at State Council (SC)


CFO and Executive Director since March 2009
Responsible for the Group’s strategic planning, operation planning, external relationship and organizational management (including rules and systems, organizational structure and corporate culture)
MBA holder, fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)
Experienced in accounting with international audit firms and local listed companies
Independent Non-Executive Director of other two Hong Kong listed companies.


Non-Executive Director of the Company since June 2014
Main founder for the Shenzhen Aisidi Co., Ltd.
Director of Shenzhen Aisidi Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Shenzhen Sinomaster Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 深圳市全球星投資管理有限公司
SMT is an investment conglomerate with extensive investments in distribution, retail, logistics, finance, real estate, tourism, high-tech, e-commerce and ecological agricultural business


Non-Executive Director of the Company since August 2020
More than 18 years of experience in audit, accounting, corporate finance and compliance
Master of Science Degree in Finance
Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, an associate member of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries and The Chartered Governance Institute
Executive Director of another Hong Kong listed companies


Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company since August 2010
Practicing CPA, Managing Director of Patrick Wong CPA Limited
Accorded Doctor of Philosophy in Business, awarded a Badge of Honour by the Queen of England in 1993
Appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1998 and was awarded a Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the Hong Kong Government of SAR in 2010


Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company since September 2011
A professor for doctoral candidates of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Head of Scientific Research Office
Master Degree holder in Coal Petrology and Coalfield Geology
Doctor Degree in Coalfield, Oil and Gas Geology and Organic Geochemistry from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)


Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company since July 2013
Worked as General Manager of Shenzhen Branch of Changjiang Securities Company Limited and the Chief Representative of Shenzhen Representative Office of Changjiang Securitie
Holds a master degree of business administration at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Awarded a PhD in Econometrics by the School of Economics, Jilin University
Holds a Chinese lawyer qualification as well as securities practice qualification


Company Secretary since December 2011
Responsible for the Group’s legal compliance work
Holder of Law and Accountancy degrees
Fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
Years of extensive experience in company secretarial, worked for international accounting and law firms


Chief Geologist of the Group, joined OEI Inc. since December 2007
Mainly responsible for geology research and exploration work of the Group’s Sanjiao coalbed methane project
Awarded a PhD in Geology by the China University of Petroleum (East China)
Engaged in research work for the oil and gas geology fundamental theories and coalbed methane (“CBM”) development technology in the post-doctoral station of the College of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
Accumulated over 20 years of experience in the industry and has years of experience in onsite work and indoor scientific research in respect of CBM projects
One of the principal participants in the scientific research achievement of “Research, development and application of CBM multi-lateral horizontal well”


Executive Vice President of the Group, and General Manager of Orion, joined the Company in September 2015
Responsible for the Company’s coordination in relation to the government’s public affairs and assisting in the production and operation of Orion
Holds a bachelor degree in economics from Jilin University and was granted the professional title of senior economist in 1995
Served as the Director of the Bureau of Commodity Prices of Jilin Province and senior executive of 吉林國聯集團公司
Served as vice president of a Hong Kong listed company since 2008


Vice President of the Group since February 2015
Mainly responsible for financing and business mergers and acquisitions of the Group
Worked at China Construction Bank, Shenzhen Branch, and acted as cadre at sub-section level and economist in the Foreign Exchange Department of China Construction Bank and General Department of China Investment Bank
Former Deputy General Manager of 中國遠東國際貿易公司
Former General Manager of China Affairs Department of 香港首億國際金融有限公司
Former General Manager of 深圳市佳泰隆投資擔保有限公司


Non-Executive Director of the Company since June 2020
Project Manager of China Huarong Overseas Investment Holdings Co., Limited
Holds a bachelor degree in accountancy from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
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The Group strives to maintain a high standard of corporate governance as it believes good corporate governance practices are increasingly important for maintaining and promoting the confidence of the shareholders of the Company (the "Shareholders"). They are crucial for the development of the Group's business and protection of the Shareholders' interests. Through a set of rules and regulations, the Group has continuously strengthened internal controls and management. Furthermore, by full and timely public disclosure of information, the Group has maintained transparency and accountability which also enhanced its corporate values. The Board meets regularly and has set up Audit Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee.

Board Committees

The Board has established three committees delegated with various responsibilities, including Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee. All the Board committees perform their distinct roles in accordance with their respective terms of reference which are available on the websites of the Company and the Stock Exchange. The meetings and proceedings of the committees are governed by the provisions contained in the bye-laws of the Company for regulating the meetings and proceedings of Directors unless otherwise stipulated in their respective terms of reference.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities for financial reporting and corporate control. The Committee comprises three INEDs, namely Dr. Dang Weihua, Professor Wong Lung Tak Patrick and Dr. Wang Yanbin, and is chaired by Professor Wong Lung Tak Patrick.

Remuneration Committee

The Company’s objective for its remuneration policy is to maintain fair and competitive packages based on business requirements and industry practice. The Remuneration Committee comprises three members including one Executive Director and two INEDs, namely Dr. Dai Xiaobing, Dr. Dang Weihua and Professor Wong Lung Tak Patrick. The committee is chaired by Professor Wong Lung Tak Patrick. The Company has complied with Rule 3.25 of the Listing Rules which requires that the remuneration committee has a majority of the member being INEDs and must be chaired by an INED.

Nomination Committee

The Board has adopted a board diversity policy which aims to set out the approach to achieve diversity on the Board to ensure that the Board has the balance of skills, experience and diversity of perspectives, including but not limited to gender, age, cultural and educational background, professional experience, knowledge and skills. In identifying suitable candidates, the Nomination Committee will consider candidates with the objective criteria with due regard of the benefits of diversity on the Board.

The Nomination Committee currently has three members including one Executive Director and two INEDs, namely Dr. Dai Xiaobing, Dr. Dang Weihua and Professor Wong Lung Tak Patrick. Dr. Dai Xiaobing acts as Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee bases on the aforesaid criteria when making recommendations to the Board on the nomination and appointment of directors, assesses the independence of INEDs, review the structure, size and composition of the Board at least annually and makes recommendations on any proposed changes to the Board to complement the Company’s corporate strategy.



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Listed Date 09 Feb 2000

Address 44/F, Office Tower,
Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2802-3623

Email contact@sino-oilgas.hk

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